About Us

Hi everyone, I'm Liu. I'm a craft enthusiast who loves the creative process. Sometimes it's challenging and feels like I'm getting nowhere, but other times, finishing a project leaves me amazed. I also love it when my creations are appreciated and bought by others. If you're into crafting too, you'll get what I mean. This website is my little shop where I share and sell my creations, so take a few minutes to check it out.

Why Did I Create This Website?

Honestly, I started this site to sell some of my crafts to cover the time and money I spend on my hobby. After all, I'm just a regular person.

What Can You Buy Here?

Right now, there are two main categories on the site. The first includes my handmade keychains and beaded pieces, like keychains of Radiohead's great albums or beaded cat designs. These are finished products, but I also take custom orders for keychains. You can tell me what you want, and I'll get creative to make something you'll love.

The second category is for those who want to make their own keychains. You can buy material kits for all my designs and create them yourself. This has two benefits: 1) you get to enjoy the fun of making something yourself, and 2) the kits cost about half of the finished products. I'm not worried about you copying my designs; in fact, I want more people to enjoy crafting.

Why Sell Material Kits?

Great question! I've asked myself that too. I think finding people who share my passion is more fun than just selling stuff. I love chatting with customers during the process. Most of my customers are teens, and many of my friends on TikTok want to buy my creations but find them too expensive at $11.90 or $15.90 each. By offering material kits, I can make my crafts more affordable without devaluing my work.

A handmade item’s value comes from several parts:

  1. Creativity: This is the hardest part. You need to think about how to use your materials to express your idea.
  2. Crafting: Making a keychain takes 20-30 minutes (for the first time). Creativity is invaluable and the biggest part of the cost, but crafting takes a lot of time too. My idea is to let buyers handle the crafting part, which is a win-win. I avoid repetitive work (which I hate), and users get to create something themselves, making it more meaningful, especially as a gift for loved ones.

Get in Touch

If you have more ideas or want a custom piece, feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading my intro, and best wishes to you!

You can reach me on TikTok, Instagram, or via email. 


Instagram: FUU Studio